Frolic the Fox

created by and featuring 

Kathryn Para 

 Magical, Musical Fox-Lady who reminds familes that "Reading Makes Fairy Dust" 

while infusing ditties big and little with nourishing, songs for growing. 

 Coming Soon! The below links will be completed to sign up for events. Special Events  information and booking information will be populated. 

So many offerings!

So many opportunities! 

So much fun! 

So many frolickers! 

Hundreds of families, thousands of children, hundreds of performances. I adore you all! I love how you inspire me and help me to find new music, connection and magic ***Fairy Dust***!

So very, very much gratitude!! 

This has been grass-roots, word of mouth and mostly community-boosting, free work over the years. It's how I make the world a better place and how I "start with the children", as my intuition told me years ago. It's how I share what I have learned and created over a decade and a half. 

So many years!

After almost 15 years of performing and over 5 years of Folic the Fox, with hundreds of performances, Kathryn and Frolic may hibernate from our weekly, regular performances.  The number of performance opportunities, both local and national, is wonder-filling. after so many times Frolicking with you and writing so much music, it is time to focus on publishing and getting the music easily into your hands and those of teachers and other child guides.  Stay tuned for updates and new schedules. 

So many Songs! 

Hundreds of them!! 

I can't wait to get these ditties into your pockets! 

You may notice that I am posting less, even when I am doing more amazing and impactful things. This is because I am focused on the doing, rather that the talking about it. 

Much, Much, Much Gratitide! 

Frolic the Fox

The magical, Musical Lady-Fox who inhabits the human Kathryn Para! 

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