Kathryn Para &

Frolic the Fox

Wielding Wonder with Nature, Story, Song, Play and a lot of Ukuleles!

Kathryn Para is an Singer-songwriter based in Maryland between Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington, DC. She performs as herself and as the magical, musical Frolic the Fox. Her music is interactive, whole-body music that is sweet, nourishing, and helpful to families and educators.

Kathryn teaches eduators to wield wonder with Nature, Story, Song and Play. Traveling nationally to present to groups large and small and to perform. Her growing online network with educator portal is one place where people can find her work and best use it.

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Welcome to my bitty portal, where song, story, nature and play become wonder!

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Community with music & tools to Wield Wonder with Nature, Story, Song & Play. Live and Online events, GrowingTales™, Songs & Ditties for children, Lyrics for Learning and Life.

Pre-Launch phase. Launching in August, 2022. All Welcome, embracing of diversity.

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Community of teachers and professionals who work with children. Collaboration , collaboration and tools for learning and life with kids.

Educators, therapists, homeschoolers, librarians, camp leaders, etc.

Pre-Launch phase, Launching in August, 2022.

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Check out our latest conference: Back to Nature School Educator Conference! This conference Sold Out. Thanks to all who came!

Join Frolic the Fox at the Yoga Barn! Weekly August classes are up! Check out Baby and Me (free, community-building), Frolic the Fox for little ones 1-4 and for bigger kids 4-8. Great for homeschoolers!

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A few tracks are public. Many are private as I develop them.

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10-10:45; Little Wondertime (1-4)

11-11:45 Big Wondertime (ages 4-8)