Kathryn Para & 

Frolic the Fox

Wielding Wonder with Nature, Story, Song, Play and a lot of Ukuleles!

I write songs to guide and teach children, while helping to manage their energy and attention. I love to teach adults to wield wonder with nature, story and song. 

Who is Kathryn Para? 

The human Frolic the Fox inhabits!

Kathryn Para is an Singer-songwriter based in Crofton, Maryland (between Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington, DC). She performs as herself and as the magical, musical Frolic the Fox.  Her music is interactive, whole-body music that is sweet, nourishing, and helpful to families and educators. 

Kathryn's Music is purpose-built, whole-body, interactive, fun and silly. It helps adults connect with the children they guide. 

Kathryn teaches educators to wield wonder with nature, story, song and play. Traveling nationally to present to groups large and small and to perform, her growing online network with educator portal is one place where people can find her work and best use it. 

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Teacher Trainings with Nature Learning Collective

Upcoming Trainings with the Nature Learning Collective: Fall into Mindfulness Nov. 5th.

 Nature Learning Collective: Upcoming Teacher Trainings 


A few songs are public here, but most will be found in my mighty network!

A few tracks are public. Many are private as I develop them.

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